Working Here

Every day, our teams are tackling complex data challenges, working with cutting edge technology and partnering with SMEs, corporates, universities and other organisations with the goal of unlocking opportunities to generate more digital business in the UK.

Added to this, the Digital Catapult encourages innovation in how we work every day, running lean and agile teams, promoting open communication and encouraging an environment where our people are confident in taking measured risks and exploring opportunities to the full. We run Hackathons within our own team and host industry Hackathons, too. Innovation is at the heart of the Digital Catapult.

The Digital Catapult Centre in London is designed specifically to encourage collaboration across departments, as well as with the thousands of businesses that come to the Centre throughout the year. The Catapult’s unique space opens up the potential for serendipitous encounters with some of the brightest minds in digital, often leading to concrete, forward thinking ideas to emerge.

We can also promise you that no one day will ever be the same. Check out our new series, ‘A Day in the Life Of…’, where our team members share what a day at the Catapult is like for them:


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