Culture & Values

We want to create an environment we can be proud of and we appreciate that to make this happen we need brilliant people who can inspire, learn and deliver change. Our people strategy is to:

“Successfully attract, manage, motivate, develop and retain our employees, providing a working environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute their talents and the best of themselves.”

Underpinning this are our values, which we live and breathe. We feel these are important to creating a truly innovative environment.

The Digital Catapult’s values


We are not afraid to change direction if it’s what the business or our partners need. We experiment and adapt to change quickly to make an impact, while managing our risks.


Working together with trust and respect to share ideas, information and resources helps accelerate our success. We are curious to gain insight and understanding to expand our knowledge and drive efficiency.

Continuous Learning

It’s our state of mind. We share personal learnings with the team to build our knowledge and expertise. We learn from our mistakes and successes and look to the future. We know how to learn and freely share what we know and are willing to change based on new knowledge.


We foster an environment, which encourages confidence and freedom to speak honestly. We express our ideas knowing they will be listened to. Actively being transparent about the way we communicate, operate and make decisions. We are approachable and accessible and make time for each other.


Being ourselves and having fun is part of working here and getting things done in an exciting and creative way. We work hard and treat each other with respect – making time to get to know each other.

Getting Things Done

We hire talented people and give them opportunities to deliver. We are focused and proactive to ensure we achieve our goals.

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