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The most recent figures published by the UK Office of National Statistics shows that only 7% of UK national output comes from the digital sector and only 9% of businesses form part of the digital workplace. As the Economist recently pointed out, this is smaller than you might think, given the level of media coverage the sector attracts and significantly behind the world’s leader in this regard, South Korea, where the digital economic contribution is more than 11%.

There are many brilliant digital businesses in the UK,  so there is plenty of opportunity and still considerable work to be done. This is why Digital Catapult is here – to help increase the number of digital businesses, and the numbers employed in digital roles. In short, Digital Catapult is here to help grow the UK digital economy.

So how do they do that?

Digital Catapult works with SMEs to help them grow and scale faster. It helps larger corporates in their digital transformation. It does this through programmes of collaboration and open innovation, by bringing academic leading edge expertise into the mix combined with the organisation’s own business and technological expertise.

Digital Catapult carries out applied research and development collaboratively in order to open up new markets for large numbers of SMEs to enter in new and emerging technologies. It achieves this by tackling large-scale digital challenges that are too complex, financially risky or will take too long for market forces alone to deliver.

Digital Catapult works across a range of technology layers:

Data-driven: new ways to work with personal data with more control and trust, applications of blockchain and smart contracts, cybersecurity particularly for emergent threats

Connected: the Internet of Things and associated enabling networking technologies such as Low Powered Wide Area Networks and 5G

Intelligent: artificial intelligence and particularly machine learning

Immersive: augmented, virtual and mixed realities, and related new forms of human interface

By applying business and technology know-how to the new commercial opportunities unlocked through Digital Catapult’s programmes and collaborations, new markets and opportunities can be created for UK digital companies.

Through the Digital Catapult’s work with organisations across the digital landscape, it is uniquely placed to help Government implement digital policies and identify policy needs in emerging technologies.

What has Digital Catapult achieved to date?

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