About Digital Catapult

Driving the early adoption of advanced digital technologies

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. It drives the early adoption of advanced digital technologies to make UK businesses more competitive and productive and grow the country’s economy.

In the last five years we have:

  • Contracted with 25 corporate businesses
  • Engaged with over 2000 SMEs and tech startups
  • Won collaborative R&D projects with 11 UK universities
  • Collaborated with 14 international universities
  • Built three successful regional centres with LEP, University and local business partners
  • Joined 16 European wide R&D consortia
  • Hosted over 30 international delegations

We promote early adoption in two key ways:

We connect large established companies, startup and scaleup businesses and researchers to discover new ways to solve big challenges in the manufacturing and creative industries. Through this collaboration businesses are supported to develop the right technologies to solve problems, increase productivity and open up new markets faster.

We provide physical and digital facilities for experimentation and testing that would otherwise not be accessible for smaller companies.

As well as breaking down barriers to technology adoption for startups and scaleups, our work de-risks innovation for large enterprises and uncovers new commercial applications in immersive, future networks, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Our technology focus

We are focused on three ambitious technology programmes:

Our industry focus

Advanced Digital Technologies will only reach their full potential when applied across industry. To shift from concept to inception, Digital Catapult is focussed on two industry sectors, creative and manufacturing – with two goals:

  1. Accelerate the number of trailblazer companies working with advanced digital technologies.
  2. Deliver increased applied research, development and innovation in advanced digital technologies.

How Digital Catapult drives adoption of advanced digital technology

Digital Catapult is meeting its objective in four key ways:

  1. We identify the need, build, and operate physical or digital facilities that only exist because of our investment.
  2. Our specialised innovation programmes drive collaboration and encourage use of the facilities by bringing together small companies, corporates, researchers and investors.
  3. We convene and deliver collaborative research and development that leads to commercial exploitation and companies reducing risk.
  4. We leverage public funding to yield increased private investment that achieves new outputs.